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Two treat each other (2001) by WU Tien Chang
165 x 219 x 6 cm
Acrylic on canvas sheet cutting

While the impact of computerized digital art on traditional arts is inevitable and is becoming more and more obvious, how to keep tradition arts alive has become an serious issue for artist like me. It is with this concern that I wish to create a sort of art that combines digital images, computer graphic, traditional photos, literature, and mechanic devices, for the purpose to excavate the “body” and the “memory” of human being, and to echo the traditional belief on “soul” and “spirit”. In doing this, I also try to inport bedeck elements and amusing atmosphere from circus, magic shows, acrobat performance, with an intention to mix up the imagination and feeling of beauty, ecstasy, death, and salvation etc. For me, the aesthetic of ambiguity seem to be the core spirit and a precious power of contemporary Taiwan art.


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