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Space Station
4 Jiuxianqiao Road
798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100015 China   map * 
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Zhang Bofu Solo Exhibition
by Space Station
Location: Space Station
Artist(s): Bofu ZHANG
Date: 12 Jun - 12 Jul 2015

From June 12th to July 12th, the Space Station is to present you with Zhang Bofu’s first solo exhibition. Zhang graduated from Universit?t Kassel in Germany, major in Free Art. This is his first solo exhibition which is held in China and which includes all his recent work these years.

Zhang’s painting does not limit itself within themes, signs, self-centeredness, narrative, even painting language. This makes his paintings conform to the painting subjects. To visualize means that he has to re-present the objective shape, and image is the emergence of ideas which stands between memory and change, two of which are opposed to each other. Paul Klee has said that it is not to express those seen, but to make things be seen. Zhang’s work is more psychologically realistic, attaching multiple layers of meaning to the object in his painting. His paintings possess a kind of self-restrained calmness, as well as plain and natural expression. He combines and connects different visual elements just like playing toy bricks, constructing a new painting with open metaphor. Geometric shapes, the contour, compressed space … His rational construction and alteration of these objective rules makes these objects an unstable existence. It resists being self-centered, and conventional, planned correlation as well as the descriptive function of painting itself. In this way it resists the regular choice of regarding painting as part of the author’s subject, crossing over the common corresponding relation. He starts from reason and tries to achieve a subjective natural representation after strenuous painting process. He uses objectivity to solve self-limitation. His paintings are simple and pure, restrained and subtle, attractively odd, even like poetry. But this is not realization of the construction of individual subject, but the result of communication between Zhang and the painting. Zhang’s paintings are like an immense serene ocean in which the audience find themselves unconsciously immersed.

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