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Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
#8503, Dashanzi Art District
4Jiu XianQiao Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100015, China
tel: +86 10 8457 3245     fax: +86 10 8457 3246
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Akimoto Tamae & Kosaka Jun - Joint Exhibition Entropy ~ Chaos and Order
by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
Location: Tokyo Gallery+BTAP (Beijing)
Date: 20 Dec 2008 - 15 Feb 2009

Opening Event:
Artist's lecture  20 Dec(Sat),3 - 4pm,2008
Akimoto Tamae:
"Regarding my sojourn in China and my future world-oriented art production"
Kosaka Jun: "Art and technology"

Tokyo Gallery+BTAP (Beijing), with Akimoto Tamae and Kosaka Jun, are pleased to announce Entropy - a two person exhibition presenting 43 photo-media works, with a focus on interactive art.

Akimoto Tamae was born in Saitama prefecture, in 1971. A graduate of Tama Art University's sculpture department, majoring in multi-media, Akimoto's consistent theme has been "change", around which she has exhibited numerous works incorporating scientific technologies. Using techniques such as video imaging, mechanical installations and chemical reactions, Akimoto's works change with the passage of time.

In 2003 she won the Special Prize at the 6th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art. Then in 2006 she was supported by the Pola Art Foundation to spend a year in China, producing and exhibiting her work, after which she has continued vigorously developing more recent artworks.

Kosaka Jun was born in Osaka, in 1966. After finishing his MFA in the Architecture department of the then Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (now Tokyo University of the Arts), he has continued to be active acroos numerous, diverse fields, including graphic design, spatial design and web design. Producing artworks based on his self-authored computer programmes, for example, Kosaka searches for an artistic language through technological means. In 2007 he was awarded the "Cyber Lion" Bronze Medal at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. He is an artist renowned for his ability to visualize the unknown.

The current exhibition, titled Entropy, presents the work of these two artists, who explore the boundary between technology and art. Included are not only past works, but also works completed especially for this exhibition, as well as some collaborative works. The work also titled "Entropy" is an interactive artwork expressing the system of "organic entropy" which is at the root of all living things.

Akimoto has made a jelly whose colour changes as time passes, by chemical reaction. Kosaka's has written a programme which captures the effect of this change in real-time, generating changes in the projected images of this "world".

We hope you will take this opportunity to explore one of the newest realms within Japanese art, intimately tied to contemporary technology. Moreover, both artists will present a short lecture at the opening on 20 December, to which all are most welcome.

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