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Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
#8503, Dashanzi Art District
4Jiu XianQiao Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100015, China
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Lvxiao Annual Exhibition - Third Back
by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
Location: Tokyo Gallery +BTAP | Beijing
Date: 3 Jul - 1 Aug 2010

At the beginning of 2002, “Lv” met “54boy” and 54boy’s friend “Breath” online. The three people started an exchange about painting on Lv’s online forum. The name, “LVXIAO”, was originally one of the web names Breath frequently used in Lv’s forum with the purpose of setting up a school in which Lv and 54boy teach modern painting. A few days later, they opened the website LVXIAO.COM as a platform to start encourage communication and creativity in the community.
LVXIAO is a community that anyone can participate in. As long as you leave a message in the blog or take part in gatherings or exhibitions of LVXIAO, you are joining LVXIAO. From 2002 to 2010, LVXIAO has existed for nine years. LVXIAO, using a bog as a platform, publishes its own art work and acts as a form where online cartoonists and young people interested in art exchange their views on each other’s works. Members are composed of both students and graduate students of professional art academies, as well as amateur art lovers without formal art education. The open, equal, and free values of LVXIAO help art lovers find their own stage and experience the happiness from both sharing and understanding!
The cooperation between LVXIAO and Tokyo Gallery + BTAP is bound to have a profound influence on the development of LVXIAO, and is a new venue for LVXIAO. Tokyo Gallery gives an opportunity for the members who like painting to show themselves, providing a rare exhibition experience for each author. Weather or not they become artists, we hope that each participating member can gain something and be happy in the exhibition.
We hope you take this opportunity to view the exhibition and look forward to your visit.

LVXIAO’s history
Lanlan, Lv, 54boy and Breath launched and established artistic group lvxiao in 2002.
Set-up of Lvxiao website “lvxiao.com”
Group members Lv and 54boy became the administrators of Lvxiao.
Group Members from Lvxiao and poobbs.com (an internet art forum) got to know each other.
A large number of group members from poobbs.com joined lvxiao.
One of the founder members “Lv” withdrew from lvxiao Group member Yancong became the administrator of Lvxiao.
Group members 54boy Yancong and Whale planned and hold the first“Lvxiao Annual Exhibition”
Group member Yancong became the administrator of Lvxiao
Exhibition “Lvxiao & It's friends” planned and hold by YanCong and Whale
Exhibition “The sinew of galaxy—Not only for Lvxiao” planned and hold by group member Qun zi.
A large number of lvxiao group members participated the publishing of comic book “Special Comix 2”
Group members Yancong and 54boy planned and hold the second “Lvxiao Annual Exhibition”. Nearly a hundred of group memebers participated the exhibition.
Group member Daguoli became the administrator of Lvxiao
A large number of lvxiao group members participated the publishing of comic book “Special Comix 3”
“Lvxiao annual exhibition the third round” which planned by Daguoli is holding in 798 Tokyo-gallery + BTAP.

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