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Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
#8503, Dashanzi Art District
4Jiu XianQiao Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100015, China
tel: +86 10 8457 3245     fax: +86 10 8457 3246
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In Between Sceneries: Intuition and Experience
by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
Location: Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing)
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 24 Jan - 12 Mar 2015

From January 24th to March 12th 2015, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP will hold In Between Sceneries: Intuition and Experience, curated by Wei Xiangqi. This will be the first exhibition this year hosted by Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, featuring over 40 pieces of artwork by nine different artists.

In Between Sceneries: Intuition and Experience will display work by Wu Sibo, Ren Zhe, Liu Xinge, Qi Lei, Yang Lujia, Ni Hua, Kang Haitao, Xie Yuting, and Xie Fan. All of them are aged from 35-45 and earned specialist degrees at fine art colleges, gaining inspiration from work and life, continually expanding the scope of their expression and growing as a result. All of the art on display is based on the themes of ‘scene’ and ‘subject’. Artists draw on their everyday experience for inspiration, using emotional intuition and experience rather than ‘rational’ judgment to depict “human nature and will”.

The “in between” space of this exhibition draws inspiration from the traditional belief that all things are animate. Perhaps we can only use ‘poetic’ language to describe the feeling when we sit in front of such work: these paintings are all the creation of internal chaos and not simply a reproduction of a scene. In other words, this ‘in between’ place is a spiritual idea that forms according to the painter’s emotional reaction to the visual stimulus in front of them: their means of understanding and perspective on survival. Such a simple and sincere spirituality means an understanding freed from painting concepts and styles, rather than an intellectual experience conditioned by participating in the contemporary art movement with large scenic installations and structures. This spirituality presents a lonely, even desolate, prospect.


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