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Tokyo Gallery+BTAP(Beijing)
#8503, Dashanzi Art District
4Jiu XianQiao Road, Chaoyang
Beijing, 100015, China
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DENG Jianjin biography | artworks | events

Deng Jianjin was born in 1961 in Guangdong. In 1986, he graduated from the Art Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi. Now he is the professor of the Fourth Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.


1988 Deng Jianjin's Art Exhibtion                                                 Guangzhou  (Xinghe Exhibition Hall)

1989 The 7th National Art Exhibition                                             Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

1991 The Elite Seven Artists Exhition of the Younger and Middle-aged Generation   Taipei (Grass(Xiaocao) Gallery)

1992 The 2nd Chinese Contemporary Art Documenta  Guangzhou  (Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Library)

1993 93' the China's 3rd Language Exhibition                              Guangzhou (Jiangnan Hotel)

1994 The 2nd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition                              Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

1994 Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition                     USA (New York. Los Angeles)

1994 The 8th National Art Exhibition                                           Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

1996 Reality. Today---96's Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition    Beijing (Concert Hall Gallery)

1996 The First Chinese Oil Painting Institute Exhibition                Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

1996 The First Invitational Academic Exhibition of Contemporary Art       Hong Kong (Art Center)

1997 Head For the Century-- Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition        Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

1997 Collection of Fine Works-- Contemporary Art Exhibition          Hong Kong (Hong Kong Convention Center)

1997 The Charm of Performance-- Eight Artists Exhibition                 Beijing (Hilton Hotel)

1998 The Eight Young Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition      Italy (MontovaYouth Palace Museum)

1999 Open Access - Contemporary Art Exhition                                  Shenyang (Dongyu Art Museum)

1999 The 14th Asian International Art Exhition                Japan (Fukuoka Museum of Contemporary Art)

1999 The Southern Context-- The Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists   Guangzhou ( Guangdong Art Museum)

1999  "The Gate of the Century", 1979-1999 The Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Art           Chengdu (Chengdu Mordern Art Museum)

2000  "Society"--- the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art               Chengdu (Upriver Gallery)

2000  20th Century Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition                      Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

2000 Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition                          Italy, Padua (Villia Breda Foundation)

2001 "Metaphysical, Physical"--- Contemporary Art Exhibition       Shanghai (Shanghai Art Museum)

2001 The 16th Asian International Art Exhibition                      Guangzhou (Guangdong Art Museum )

2001 "Urban Slang"--- The Contemporary Art of the Pearl River Delta       Shenzhen (He Xiangning Art Museum)

2002 The 17th Asian International Art Exhibition                 South Korea (Daejeon Museum of Art)

2002 Deng Jianjin's Oil Painting Exhibition                          Art Institute of Qinghua University

2002 The First Chinese Triennial Exhibition                       Guangzhou (Guangzhou Art Museum)

2002 The First Guangzhou Contemporary Art Triennial Exhibition      Guangzhou (Guangdong Art Museum)     

2002   "Urban Ecology" - Guangdong Contemporary Art Exhibition      Poland ( Xi-sur-mer Art Museum)  

2003   The Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition         Shanghai (Shanghai Library) 

2003   The 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition             Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

2004   "Environment"---Contemporary Art Exhibition        South Korea

2004   "Being Serious"                                                     Beijing (Beijing Art Now Gallery),
                                                                                          Shanghai (Duolun Museum Of Modern Art)

2005  "Up and Down the River" 1976-2005 Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition        Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

2005  "Respective Means" Yu Xiaofu, Deng Jianjin, Wang Chengyun Artworks Exhibition      Chengdu Blue Space, Chongqing Art Museum, Beijing 3+3 Space

2005  "Pay Tribute to 85" 2005-1985                          Shanghai (Duolun Museum Of Modern Art)

2005  Yu Xiaofu and Deng Jianjin's Oil Painting Exhibition          Kuming ( Kuming Museum)

2005  Deng Jianjin's Oil Painting Exhibition                                  Beijing (3+3 Space)

2005  "1/4 Harmony"                                                       Beijing (3/4 Gallery)

2005 The 2nd Guangzhou Triennial Exhibition - "3 Line Painting Exhibition"     Guangzhou (Xinyi Art Museum)

2005  The First Chinese contemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition         Beijing (Millennium Monument)

2006  The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition                     Singapore (Singapore Art Museum)

2006   Haiyanheqing                                     Shanghai (4th Shanghai Spring Art Salon )

2006   “Comprehend—The Hidden Exotic”    Indonesia Shima Art Space

2006    Unban Status—Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition      Estonia, Tallinn Art Museum

2006    Chinese Contemporary Art Documenta Beijing (China Millennium Monument)

2006    Chinese Art Today                                             Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

2007     Reconstruction and Integration---- Eight Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition Taipei (Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall)

2007   "Resonance 2007”--- Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition   Shenzhen Art Museum, Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Museum

2007     22nd Asian International Art Exhibition      Indonesia (万隆塞拉萨尔.苏纳尔沃Art Space)

2007     “Where to Go?  ”—Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition    Hong Kong City Hall

2007   Four Aspects of Post-vanguard of Chinese New Art      Hong Kong

2007    “Ten-year-sleep” 1997-2007 Comparison Exhibition       Beijing Songzhuang Hejing Garden Gallery 

2008      Chinese Contemporary Documenta Beijing Wall Gallery

2008     “Interactive Vision”--- The Forefront of Chinese Contemporary Art   Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Beijing Today Art Museum

2008       “Guangzhou Station”--- Guangdong Contemporary Art Special Exhibition   Guangdong Art Museum

2008     “Game of Acting the Stupid Role: A Virtual Leave from the Disciplinal Society” Beijing 798 Art Space “Ink” Gallery,  Korean Seoul Gallery

2008     “Development and Integration”--- Chinese Modern Oil Painting Research Exhibition ------ Beijing (National Art Museum of China)

2008     “People·China--- Humanism in Chinese Art of 20th Centenary     China Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery

2008      “Art Isn’t Anything”--- Beijing 798 Art Festival Theme Exhibition    Beijing 798

2008       Art Charity China--- 2008 Chinese Contemporary Art International Tour Exhibition

2008       The Shape of Life---- “Chinese Things”-Contemporary Art Theme Invitational Exhibition  Nanjing (Phoenix International Book Center- Phoenix Art Museum)

2009      “Across Walls and Fences”- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition      Austria

2009“LUST•SUPPRESSION” Deng Jianjin’s Art Exhibition        Beijing   China

2009  Illustrated Supplements Nominate——Chinese Contemporary artists’ Work Exhibition   Phoenix Gallery   Nan Jing

2009  09 Chinese Contemporary Famous Artists’ Prints Exhibition  West Mountain Gallery

2009  Contemporary Spearhead——Chinese Contemporary Famous Artists’ Prints Group Exhibition  Jiang Shan Gallery   ChongQing

Reshaping History——China art from 2000 to 2009  National Convention Center

2010  The Sixth Toyama International Mordern Art Exhibition          Toyama Museum of Modern Art         Japan

2010  The 25thAsian International Art Exhibition     Mongolia

2010  Image Consumption        Times  Museum


1993    “Chinese Oil Painting Biennial”Academic Award    National Art Museum of China

1995     “The 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Annual” Silver Award   National Art Museum of China

2004       “The 1st Fine Art Literature Nomination Exhibition Literature Award      Hubei Academy of Fine Arts    


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