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Aye Gallery
Room 601, unit 3, Yong He Garden
Yard 3, Dong Bin He Road, An Ding Men
Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100013, China   map * 
tel: +86 10 8422 1726     fax: +86 10 8422 1728
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Jiang Fang: Iceberg
by Aye Gallery
Location: Aye Gallery
Artist(s): JIANG Fang
Date: 26 Aug - 15 Oct 2012

JIANG FANG: Iceberg” will be shown in AYE Gallery on August 26, 2012. This time, the most obvious difference is the color. She gets rid of the simple color style, and tries to construct a strong-colored relationship. Red, purple and black are the main colors of visual balance. To Jiang Fang, painting makes her find “ego” is just like a floating “iceberg”. What it hides is much more than what it exposes. Her paintings want to enter herself to explore and express, so that the hidden silence will be never silent.

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