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Contemporary by Angela Li
248 Hollywood Road,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong   map * 
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Shi Jindian: Paintings & Sculptures
by Contemporary by Angela Li
Location: Contemporary by Angela Li
Artist(s): SHI Jindian
Date: 20 May - 23 Jun 2013

Shi Jindian's installation works are created by a detailed and meticullous technique, by twisting thin stainless steel wire into socially and politically significant objects, serving as the artist's total objection to the industrial products he recreates. His paintings are an extension of this meditative process, by applying layers of paint to canvas, only to scrape it off again using knives and other implements, or repetitively drawing circles and other forms and shapes, creating richly textured paintings with layers of interwoven thoughts and emotions. 

Image: © Shi Jindian, Contemporary by Angela Li 

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