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Galerie Ora-Ora
7 Shin Hing Street,
Central, Hong Kong   map * 
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by Galerie Ora-Ora
Location: Galerie Ora-Ora
Artist(s): HUANG Yongyu
Date: 1 Feb - 28 Feb 2015

Since 2008, internationally renowned Chinese artist Huang Yongyu launches a limited edition bronze sculpture of that year’s animal zodiac to welcome the Lunar New Year, and to share joy and blessings with the public.

To celebrate the coming of the Year of the Goat, Huang presents his latest creation of the series, Goat. Goat is described as gentle and prosperous. The Chinese word ‘xiang’ (祥) is often written as ‘ji yang’ (吉羊), which means ‘lucky goat’; it has been regarded as the symbol of auspiciousness. In ancient Chinese Oracle bone script, the top part of the word ‘beauty’ (美) has the shape of the goat’s horns, a symbol for grace and serenity. In contrast to the traditional goat, Huang’s goat is comparatively vivid and animated, with a confident and clever smile on its face, which symbolizes a blessing of happiness and confidence for the New Year.

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