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Galerie Ora-Ora
7 Shin Hing Street,
Central, Hong Kong   map * 
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Golden Fira (2006) by Marco SZETO
37 x 65 cm
watercolor & ink on rice paper

Painting is originated by an urge of imitation.  All along, human enjoys imitating animals, each other, nature and satisfaction is derived from it.  My paintings may be originated by this urge.

Imitation starts with “Appreciation” and “Observation”. People with curiosity can always fulfill their desire to appreciate.  Together with a meticulously sharp sense of observation, the grasp of the wonders of the ever-changing world would not be missed. I am the kind of person who lingers in this playground of the world, and eventually figured out the rule of the game.

Nowadays, I no longer only paint the forms and shape of things, but my own feelings and interpretation over things, a reflection of my heart.  Under different mood and atmosphere, a same sky can be exquisitely expressed in a thousand ways. By controlling the perspectives, or by staying aloof, or trying to mélange, I attempt to re-arrange nature.  By summarizes, symbolizes, punctuates, I do my re-analysis, re-classifications, re-personifications in order to ultimately create a new face. 

Nevertheless, “choose” and “select” are the major challenges of painters.  Luckily, I enjoy their art of “not painting”. I believe strongly that space encourages imagination. I am endlessly pursuing the art of using my brushwork to express the exuberant meaning of life.



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