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Galerie Ora-Ora
7 Shin Hing Street,
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Under the Light (2008) by ZENG Guo Qing
85 x 70 cm
Ink on paper


There is a creative concept in literature called “Simulated Imagination”, a combination of reality and imagination. As long as life is of its fullness, imagination can be as broad as well.  Similarly, we need such imagination in painting. I enjoy blending life, art, and reality.  This kind of imagination enables me to continue creating without limitations. Living in Chongqing makes me curious, especially in Huang Jueping, where Sichuan Art Institute is. This is a union of city and village, although it is not as glamorous as a metropolitan, it is still a buzz. This place is complicated, which gathered all kinds of people and things, students, workers, residents, also numerous breeds of cats and dogs as pet. People here show their toned muscles, sweating, going to hotpots, drinking, smoking, strolling with their dogs, showing they are from all walks of life, with a great diversity in culture. I am obsessed with this kind of lifestyle, and this became the root of my creation.  In order to better express my feelings, I add surrealistic elements into the foundation of reality. This way, I feel it become more poetic and amusing. I do not want to search any serious topics to convince or to educate others, I just want to develop some elements of “mischievous”, “humorous”, “witty”, “foolish”.  I hope my works would make people happy and not miserable.  Although my works may have a sad or even confusing side to it, I still hope that viewers would experience and reflect upon my works happily.


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