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No. 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village,
63 Ma Tau Kok Raod,
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, HK   map * 
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Every Every
by Videotage
Location: Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Artist(s): Chloe CHEUK
Date: 13 Feb - 2 Mar 2015

Videotage is pleased to present the exhibition Every Every by the FUSE resident Chloe Cheuk. Every Every is a series of video and kinetic installations to extract and abstract the recurring pattern of our day-to-day existence. Cheuk sees life as a close-ended spiral, which oftentimes deceives us into the illusion of linear progress, whereas we are actually going round and round. The work particularly draws upon Cheuk’s distress about the recent occupying movement in Hong Kong where the recurring pattern is separation – union – confrontation. Cheuk is tempted to translate the pattern in visual and mechanistic language, with the seemingly innocuous objects such as the windows, kendamas and wheels that caught her attention at the site. By so doing, she slowly releases the empty and helpless feelings due to constant repression. Despite the work’s political context, what Cheuk concerns most is the fundamental meaning of an object – its mutability and its implications for individuals and society, and her tools for investigation are electronic device, video recording and editing.

One of the three exhibited pieces “Waiting for Another Round” is about the wheel, a symbol of the ruthless encroachment of urbanization. After the clearance of occupied sites, Cheuk patrolled the streets and documented the process of wheels devouring every inch of the remaining trace of the protest over 20 days. As the wheels roll on, different protest sites join together and fall apart endlessly. “If the Moment Came” is a video kinetic installation. The ball of kendama is thrown up, hit and open the wired glass window, which soon closes again. Fantasizing about the moment of breaking free from the forces, the ball hits the window persistently, but in vain.

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