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[CHIRPS (v.2)]
by Videotage
Location: Videotage
Artist(s): João Vasco PAIVA
Date: 10 Jan - 26 Jan 2010

Entering the year of 2010, Videotage is proud to present Hong Kong-based Portuguese artist João Vasco Paiva as the first selected artist-in-residence of fuse:: residency program 2010. The objective of fuse:: residency program has always been encouraging individuals interested in the field of new media art, be it art & technology, art & science or art & anything, to create new works. With the support from Videotage, João Vasco Paiva will bring the audience a new sculptural sound installation Chirps, through which he creates a score by determining rules.

The prototype of the work (v1) was presented in the Microwave International New Media Art Festival 2009 in which a set of toy birds performed a sequence of calls and movement interfered by the passers-by at the lobby of Langham Hotel, while this time, Vasco has made the toy birds migrate to the raw space of Videotage where they would react to the motion and sound of a new player - a real mynah bird.

This autonomous species, with its amazing imitative abilities, will respond to the sounds and motion of the 120 plastic birds while the electronic songbirds inherit their own kind of copying ability and react to the environment accordingly. The duo combination is a blown-up orchestra inviting visitors to observe both the psychology and intelligence of the natural-born and the computational singers. Together they become a feedback loop system, a true cybernetic nature.

You are now cordially invited to the opening reception of the exhibition on January 9, 2010 (Sat) to experience the (un)conscious composition produced together by the beautiful mynah bird and 120 toy birds. On the opening night, the artist will share his creative process and concepts that became the pillars of Chirps. He will also talk about how the ideas of mapping, generative art and automata merge together with his own experience of Hong Kong and lead to his work

Words from Artist
“Every toy bird is built with an audio sample and movements that resemble the real birds, a cheap attempt to emulate the real ones. The mechanical bird is therefore the perfect object to create an artificial output based on the natural conditions of the environment. The sound and motion of the mynah bird will be used as the value that calibrates the amount of voltage sent to control the movement of the bird toys and the playback of the samples. With amazing imitative abilities, the mynah bird will respond to the sounds and motion of the plastic birds. This process will create a feedback loop, the circuit direction will be from the reading of the mynah bird’s behavior to the interference of the work itself with the environment. The orchestra will be divided into several groups and each group will have its own interpretation of the given data. The overall musicality from the bird toys together with the myna bird will be the final product of the piece.”

-- João Vasco Paiva

Artist Talk
The artist will share his creative process and the concepts, his doubts and the further developments of ‘Chirps’. He will talk about mapping, generative art and automata merge together with his own experience in Hong Kong.

Can we define a determinate culture through the visual and sonic elements that constitute its basis? The artist relates his experience towards a new culture became a core part of the creative process in his artwork. He will look into art history about representation and the study of patterns, and address a new daily life experience in Hong Kong, an ethnographical approach outside the social and cultural connotations that it holds. It is not only aiming to encourage the appreciation of everyday experience in Hong Kong, but also to initiate a discussion on data manipulation in digital and analog media.

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