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The Rest of Us
by Videotage
Location: Videotage
Date: 11 Dec - 24 Dec 2009

'The Rest of Us' is a visual exhibition and an opening night cabaret presenting everyday fashions direct from the streets of Hong Kong, along with queer masquerades derived from Cosplay and its various sub-cultural tangents.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANDREW GUTHRIE: Over 60 photographs of the so-called ordinary citizens of Hong Kong as they appeared in public, when and where they were asked to model. These were taken over a period of half a year in various areas around Hong Kong, by photographer Andrew Guthrie with help from William Fung, Joanne Chow and Rock Leung. Models were asked to stand in front of a portable white backdrop situated in whatever area the photographers could utilize. These full body portraits will be presented in two formats: on life size roll out banners and on A4 size photographic prints.

CLOTHING: In addition to these images, an interaction between fantasy and the everyday will be proposed through the display of local hand-made Cosplay costumes of Maggie Leung, Mizuki Mochizuki, Sam the Punk and Maid Date Café, along with photographs of their creators in “before” and “after” Cosplay modes.

Hosted by M/C extraordinaire Diane To, this upbeat evening will feature live performance art, video screenings, refreshments and costuming games involving Hong Kong uniforms. Hong Kong artist Movana Chen will do a live performance session to demonstrate how she knits books into fabrics in her newest project, Traveling Into My Bookshelf. Toronto-based artist/sexpert Louise Bak will dig and scratch underneath layers of doll costume to reveal a bodily essence. Hong Kong artist Him Lo will enact Leave Me + Build Me, a project in which he covers himself with an uncanny body suit to test how people gaze and react. Austrian artist Nino Jaeger will give a performance lecture about gender and clothing through the sculpture Pipistrello: Dolce Vita, based on the lyrics of Mozart’s Le Nozze Di Figaro. Evening meal and refreshments will be provided together with new video art by Mia Chen and Robert Iolini.

Free of Charge for those wearing any type of clothes. Extra Special Bonus For Dressing Harmoniously.

Organized by the Department of English, City University of Hong Kong
Co-organized by Videotage

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