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by Videotage
Location: Videotage
Artist(s): Kenny WONG, Dennis WONG
Date: 4 Jan - 31 Jan 2014

Videotage presents the exhibition Squint by the FUSE resident Kenny Wong. Squint is a kinetic light installation consisting of 50 mirrors, inspired by Wong’s curious observation of the sunlight bouncing around in our artificial habitat. Moving through the space and at times capturing the flickers, the audience is guaranteed a playful exploration of the nature of light.

draws from various daily experiences in its abstraction and incites the audience to expand their interpretation of lights and perceived imagination into a non-linear experience. Everyday people are dynamically moving around in the city, sunlight reflects and flickers even when it is indirect and hidden behind objects. As we move, we constantly experience the shift of light intensity, visual patterns and textures. These varieties of light form inspire Wong to explore the potential of light textures, and to select and sort out the combined complexity in urban spaces. In the exhibition space, the mirrors track and reflect lights on the audience’s face with composed patterns of movements. It extends the generated perception by focusing on how lights pass across our visual senses physically, and combines with our perception of images through flickering.

Sound Artist Dennis Wong aka Sin:Ned will cross over with Kenny's installation, depicting the sound of Kowloon City with the sparkling shadows of the mirrors. With 13 sound tracks collected on 13 different streets in Ma Tau Kok, Dennis will reconstruct them using electronical music process and link them up with the installation. A corridor of echo will be created to orchestrate the music of “13 Street”. Mingling with the light and space, the audience is going to hear the humming of little stories, a song about the uncertain future of an abandoned glory age, or nothing but a pale and rootless nostalgia?

© Videotage

Image: © Kenny Wong

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