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F-213, C, First Floor, (SIS Building)
Lado Sarai, New Delhi 110030
tel: +91 6568 3083
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Art Bull India, the latest auction house initiated by a team of experts under the leadership of Siddharth Tagore, Art market expert, focuses on the areas in the Indian contemporary art scene what have not been explored by the existing auction houses. With a clear vision and target in place, Art Bull intended to identif ...read more

FGP Centre, Commercial Union House,
3rd Floor, 9, Wallace Street,
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001, India
tel: +91 22 2204 8138
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The Name "AstaGuru" has originated from the Italian word "ASTA" which means "Auction". AstaGuru.com is an online auction house set up by Mr Vickram Sethi with an aim to connect people from all over the world to the Indian market place. Set up in 2008, with the aid of professionals, experts and consultants it shall brin ...read more


Borobudur is the name of the most famous Indonesian's architectural monument in the world. This temple built by Syailendra Dinasty on 800 and it called as invaluable art. Some people called it as one of world's miracle. This temple encrusted beautiful relief, and it shown that Indonesian people have artistic entrepren ...read more

Level 4, Precinct Building 5, Office 406,
Dubai International Financial Centre, PO Box 506685,
Dubai, UAE
tel: +971 (0)4 425 5647
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Michael Jeha, Managing Director, Middle EastWilliam Lawrie, Head of Sale, International Modern & Contemporary ArtDavid Warren, Director, Jewellery   In May 2006, art market history was made when Christie's held its first auction of International Modern & Contemporary Art in the Middle East. Since then, C ...read more


Emami Chisel Art idealised as a full-fledged art and its value enhancement sector has made its mark in the market within a very short period of time. ECA auction house with sufficient infrastructural facilities, deliver fair value to both collectors and artists through its meticulous study and evaluation of aesthetic ...read more


25, Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
50300 Kuala Lumpur,
tel: +603 2691 3089
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Henry Butcher Malaysia, having had decades of asset auctioning experience, from real estate to plant & machinery, aspires to help rectify this situation by providing an additional avenue of sale and purchase of art pieces for galleries, collectors and investors. Thus the birth of Henry Butcher Auctioneers in 2009. ...read more

Jl. Pasuruan no. 9,
Jakarta 10310,
tel: +62 21 315 8636
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Ever since LARASATI's first auction which was held on 30 April 2000 in Jakarta – Indonesia, LARASATI's reputation has grown rapidly, auctioning rare and emerging Indonesian as well as other Asian works at record prices. LARASATI's entry into Singapore in 2003 (the first Asian-based auction house that crossed nati ...read more

Jl. Tanah Abang IV No. 23-25,
Jakarta 10160, Indonesia
tel: +62 2 1351 0808
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Founded in 2003, MASTERPIECE Fine Art Auction Indonesia held its first auction on 23rd July 2003 in Jakarta. Since then, MASTERPIECE has been steadily advancing its business by building sister auction houses such as Heritage and Treasures. Heritage was set up to enrich the sale collections with a variety of fine arts b ...read more

151, Jalan 5/42, Off Jalan Gasing
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

tel: +60 17 6715 146
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MASTERPIECE Auction House encourages and provides aspiring artists the opportunity to introduce themselves to a community of art aficionados. It is the hope of MASTERPIECE Auction House that through these exhibitions and auctions, they will be able to increase the awareness and appreciation of the arts, and the creativ ...read more

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