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Kingsley's Art Auction


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Kingsley Art Auction is led by Cheng Chun-De, the founder of Goethe Art Center. As Asian newly-rising market prospers, people’s demand for artworks also grows worldwide. With transparent channel for information, acute sense for art, as well as well-trained personnel, Kingsley’s aims to recommend fine artists along with their classic and potential works for our clients. It is our pleasure to assist clients to develop exclusive artistic tastes of their own.

1. To Promote Chinese Contemporary Art
In recent years, economic changes in China have opened up enormous business and development to the world’s newly rising market. As Chinese contemporary art began to shine in international stage, it also explains Chinese artists’ work to be highly recognized and praised by the world. Thus, having more and more successful appraisal becomes a crucial landmark for Chinese art heading to its maturity. Kingsley’s continues to observe this dynamic market group, leading it to a more international trend.

2. To Make Art an Investment
Art investment has become one of the hottest choices for bourgeois allocating their assets. As far as art investment is concerned, the key lies on choosing artworks from different periods, different genres, and different ranks so as to avoid risks and make profits on investment returns as great as possible. We not only keep intensive contact with important people from the art circle and aggressively grasp international movement, but also analyze market trend of Chinese art. In this way, we are able to suggest clients effective ways of lowering potential risks and give advice on proper investment.

3. To Provide Professional and Personalized Recommendation for Collecting Art
Kingsley’s insists in providing professional and wide range of service. We give advice to different art collectors, corporations and foundations according to their needs. In all, it is our mission to provide excellent and delicate service to practice Kingsley’s ultimate spirit.


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