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Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space
No.800 East Guoshun Road,
Yangpu District
Shanghai China
tel: +86 21 5506 8555     fax: +86 21 5506 9814
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Prestigious Space, Professional Management  

As Shanghai's economy inexorably continues to flourish, it is inevitable that Shanghai's art market will soon attract international collectors and dealers. The presence of these international buyers is certain to improve the taste of local art collectors, as well as create an awareness of the need to provide an improved art gallery ambience.

A trading environment for high-valued artwork necessitates both refined space and superior service. However, before there can be refined space, there must be flawless planning, and professional management Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space is the first international group in Shanghai to specialize in art management. We pioneered the concept of operating an art gallery in the manner of a shopping mall, and, having established the very finest art space, we can now provide tenants with floor management and promotion plans.

Metropolitan areas, such as Beijing and Shanghai, with their sprawling size and bumper-to-bumper traffic, are a genuine headache.If the art industry cannot consolidate in one place to attract buyers, much as New York has done in the SOHO district, the difficulty of getting from one point to another means that if art galleries remain scattered throughout the city, they are doomed to lose clients.

As an international metropolis, it is imperative that Shanghai have an art center, or area, where galleries may locate in close proximity to one another. A centrally located site of this nature would quickly become the destination of choice for art lovers from home and abroad. No place is better suited for this purpose than the Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space.

Concentrating on Art Galleries; Two-Fold Impact

The management team at Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space has held many art expos in the past. In the future, this experience will be applied to the operation of this Art Space. Our strategy includes holding exhibitions built around certain themes, arranging intensive promotion and adverting. Our goal is to attract maximum public attention and by doing so, generate maximum profit for our tenants.  

In addition to leasing space to art galleries and related art industry enterprises, we have also made available a large open area on the third floor. This open space covers an area of 365 square meters, and is ideally suited for exhibitions of large-sized paintings, sculpture, and installation arts. When utilized in tandem with vigorous advertising campaigns, these activities will give birth to a new trend, thereby attracting an increased number of viewers and a corresponding increase in sales.

At present, Wu Jiao Chang 800 Art Space is accepting new tenants. Many well-known international galleries will soon be locating here. In the future, Wu Jiao Chang Art Space, with its profusion of international art galleries, will become the cynosure of the Shanghai art world.

A Vault for Artwork Storage in the Wu Jiao Chang Art Space

In order to promote art exchange and to best serve art collectors, Wu Jiao Chang Art Space will install a vault for artwork storage. This will be the finest facility on either side of the Taiwan Strait.

Our vault for artwork storage is based on the bank vault concept. This top-of-the-line, fireproof, anti-theft vault will be installed to provide collectors with the finest storage space and related service.

The raison d'etre for international collectors to deposit their collections in Shanghai may not be just a matter of storage. There is also the hope of making further sales. Therefore by keeping their collections in Shanghai, other collectors will be able to inspect them for possible purchase of items related to their own special interest.

In the future, the vault in Wu Jiao Chang Art Space will provide a withdrawal and deposit service. Our clients will only need to authorize our vault customer service personnel, and we will move the appointed artwork to the VIP room for a specific client to view. Afterward, we will return the work to the vault. Without personally journeying to Shanghai, the owner of any piece of artwork will still be able to sell items from their collection.

A Virtual Gallery for Collectors

The Wu Jiao Chang Art Space Vault will have two types of storage facilities. One will be personal safety deposit boxes of various sizes. The other will be an open safe that is under our central control. Clients may choose the type of storage most appropriate to their needs.

In the future, the Wu Jiao Chang Art Space website will devote an entire page to vault services. By typing in their password, collectors with items stored in the vault, will be able to access an itemized list of their stored artworks. In the future, no matter where they are, they will be able to quickly access a list of their stored items.

In order to create added value to the vault, the collectors may either permit, conditionally permit, or refuse to allow pictures from their collections to be shown on the web. This is similar to having one's own virtual gallery, thereby providing an opportunity for other collectors, who share the same interest, to view the original work. Our vault service personnel can retrieve any item from storage, put it on display, and store it again, thereby enabling collectors to continue buying and selling, from wherever they happen to be.?

he rise of the China art market in recent years has revived Taiwan's art market. The buying and selling of art between both sides of the Straits is destined to not only increase but to become more diverse. A by-product of this will be a need among Taiwan collectors for a place to store their collections in China.? We are confident that in the future, the Wu Jiao Chang Art Space will become the place of choice for Taiwan collectors in search of a safe and efficient storage space.

Academic and Creative Yangpu

The Yangpu area is located in the northeast area of downtown Shanghai.? It faces the Huangpu River on the east, south, and north sides, and numbers 1.24 million residents living within a total area of 60.61 square kilometers.

The Wu Jiao Chang business district, in the Yangpu area, has only sprouted up in recent years. It is expected that within three years the commerce of Wu Jiao Chang will be on an even footing with that of present-day Shanghai's booming Xujiahui area, but with an artistic atmosphere.

Thanks to the efforts of the Yangpu government, the Wu Jiao Chang area is on its way to becoming a modern business district. As the number of college students increases and more and more people move in, the influx of residents will provide an impetus to business development. In the future, it is projected that the new Wu Jiao Chang business area will roughly cover over 330,000 square meters. Add to this the original 45,000 square meters, and the future Wu Jiao Chang business district will have a total of 370,000 square meters.

The Xujiahui business district, in southwest Shanghai, covers an area of 300,000 square meters. The combined pedestrian malls of Huihai Road and Nanjing Road cover an area of more than 300,000 square meters.A comparison shows that the Wu Jiao Chang of the future will be every bit as good.

The completion of the Outer Loop Tunnel and Dalian Road Tunnel, the construction of the Xiangyin Road Tunnel and the Chongming Island cross-river tunnel, will benefit Yangpu development.The prestigious location of the entire Wu Jiao Chang complex will be greatly enhanced.

Plans are underway to build a university town centered around Wu Jiao Chang's prestigious Fudan and Tongji Universities. This will be built in conjunction with the Huangxing Greenery residential area. This Tri-Center will be the second city center, city business center, and public cultural center.


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