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'Art 2 Art' bares April episodes - Manila Standard Today manila
10th April 2014

Produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company and hosted by “Ballerina ng Bayan” Lisa Macuja, Art 2 Art is aired every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m. on DZRH (666 khz on the AM band), on cable television via RHTV and online through DZRH Live Streaming at ... full story
China art exhibition in Sydney explores influence of time and place - Radio Australia sydney
15th April 2014

SNOWDON: Dominating the exhibition space by its size, dramatic subject and bright colours is the painting called 'The Dancing of the Dream' by Sydney based artist Wang Xu. He left Beijing in 1989 after the Tianamen Square crackdown against student ... full story
NSW art gallery should go west - The Age sydney
9th April 2014

If it's good enough to move public servants to western Sydney why not art as well? I can think of a wonderful site in Parramatta that even has water views. The gallery's expansion should not just be at the convenience of the trustees and staff who ... full story
Sydney Biennale Draws Attention for More Than Its Wild Art - New York Times sydney
8th April 2014

Sydney, Australia — In a cavernous industrial warehouse on Cockatoo Island, only minutes by ferry from the Sydney Opera House, a woman dressed as a Hobbit-like creature warbled into a microphone that doubled as a tail, while a massive rock swung ... full story
Women in Imperial Kyoto Glimpsed Through the Art of Nishikawa Sukenobu - Modern Tokyo Times kyoto
6th April 2014

Nishikawa Sukenobu was born in 1671 and until his death in the middle of the eighteenth century, this stunning artist opened up aspects of the role of women in Japanese society. Also, with Sukenobu being based in Kyoto then this provides a rarity ... full story
Noh goddess illuminates life and art - The Japan Times kyoto
5th April 2014

In addition to Ze'ami, in Kyoto we meet a young conservator working on a Buddha statue, observe a noh mask maker carefully ply his chisel, watch a noh actor during and after a performance, and witness the rebuilding rituals of the Great Shrine of Ise ... full story
Saudi artists cautiously push against redlines - Lexington Herald Leader dubai
4th April 2014

Manal Al-Dowayan's exhibitions focus on women's rights in Saudi Arabia. Her current exhibition in Dubai's Cuadro Art Gallery called "Crash" is a research-based collection that exposes the ways in which Saudi women are rendered voiceless and nameless in ... full story
Dubai cosplays, meets & greets its fave characters at the 3rd annual Comic Con - Al-Bawaba dubai
6th April 2014

Lubna Al Shamsi, Project Lead, SIKKA Art Fair and the Dubai Art Season Initiative, told Khaleej Times: “This year's Middle East Film and Comic Con will once again unite comic book lovers, film enthusiasts, and visual arts connoisseurs, on one common ... full story
A Gallery Guide By the Art Critics of The New York Times - New York Times new delhi
4th April 2014

New York is often described as the former center of the art world, the torch having been passed to Berlin, London, Los Angeles or even New Delhi. Globalism notwithstanding, New York remains the center of the gallery world, and galleries are the bedrock ... full story
Home of SE Asian art, old and new - Business Times (subscription) new york
4th April 2014

... one dedicated to Singapore art history and the other to South-east Asian art - it will have a special-exhibition gallery for potential collaborations with top modern museums such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New ... full story
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