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by Julia Friedman
Twenty three galleries are participating in the event. The buses and the beer tasting at the galleries are free. Next Saturday, October 30th, join fellow art & beer lovers on the gallery hopping tour co-sponsored by contemporary art galleries in Tokyo's Central District and "COEDO" brewery. Shuttle buses will ...read more

by Julia Friedman
Kyoto’s Super Window Project & Gallery is temporarily pausing its activities at their Motoyama Kamigama location to concentrate on various international endeavors (starting with the gallery presenting their artists at Artissima 17). In anticipation of this seasonal closing, the SWP has mounted their last exhi ...read more

by Julia Friedman
Anish Kapoor's third solo exhibition at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE gallery amply proves that his small scale works can be just as effective (if not stunning) as his well publicized large scale installations. The five works on view at the SCAI range from an 1979-80 wood and chalk powder installation to last year's concave illus ...read more

by Julia Friedman
IHN Gallery in Seoul is showing the second installment of JeongMee Yoon's photographic series "The Pink and Blue Project." The idea behind the series was simple enough—to examine what conditions children's blue and pink preferences: is it nature, nurture, marketing?—but Yoon's execution is both meticulous a ...read more

by Julia Friedman
Kyoto-based photographer Miwa Yanagi is known for her series of images that examine actual and mythical female identities. Her heroines are devoid of commonplace anxiety of time-triggered decay; they only gain from aging that brings the long-sought liberation from their circumscribed societal roles. Yanagi's 2009 cycle ...read more

by Julia Friedman
Ogawa’s first solo show at the Frantic Gallery (formerly known as art project frantic) is an impressive start for the twenty four year old artist. His painting thrives on clashing the opposites: dense, clustered fragments and open spaces, impasto brushwork and mirror-smooth varnished surfaces, figuration and rh ...read more

by Tsukasaki Miho


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