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Seoul Museum of Art
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Seoul, Korea
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Against the Sculptural Three Dimensions of Uncertainty
Date: 28 Nov 2009 - 16 Feb 2010

The essence of traditional sculpture is a mass and a piece, and what is able to make as the shape of a sculpture has been regarded as gravity. So, a traditional sculpture has taken on monumental character with an upright shape for a long time. However, in today’s art that trans-genre(hybrid genre) happens anywhere, the boundary of the genres such as sculpture and paintings, solid body and a plane already became faint long time ago. Nevertheless, the contemporary artists who make a test constantly escaping from the factors such as a mass, gravity and monumentality keep creating works. Hereupon, this exhibition tries to make a crack a sculptural property – a sculptural thing, raise a doubt about the essential concept of a sculpture and take a view of the sculpture with fluid and uncertain shape and a series of installation work.

A contemporary sculpture makes a progress toward a variable shape and concept escaping from such a monumental sculptural character. The definition of a sculpture for the monumental purpose has disassembled continuously the monumental property as age goes by. According to materials and their composition, the sculptures have strengthened the will about horizontality through hanging, building, putting on the ground, fragmenting in opposition to the desire of an upright position. The works in this exhibition widen the category of sculptural materials by making use of the substances which have not been regarded as the materials of traditional sculptures and the sculpture which is massive, hard and stands upright vertically changes newly in various ways of softening, liquefying, compression, expansion and condensation of materials. Also, the sculpture which was a certain mass changes to a fluid shape which it is able to be changed. It displays a side of changeable modern art such as ‘Process Art’ showing a work as not a result but a process, ‘Land Art’ regarding nature as it is as a material and a canvas and so on.

It shows a soft sculpture looking like remaining only the epidermis, an uncontrollable power and the gravity stipulating the shape of a sculpture or has a tendency to change a state fluidly such as the harmony of a worthless material which does not regard as a resistant sculpture or a sculptural material and an object, the sculpture using invisible power such as air, wind, sound and immaterial sculpture and so on. It is expected that the contemporary experimental artists suggesting a sculptural or non-sculptural state will display an aspect of ‘Post-Sculpture’.

Meanwhile, the working attitude the artists in this exhibition which is different from the former artists working according to physical properties and pure formative principle is that they express in detail the narrative and individual sensibility of the times behind escaping from a formative principle and sculptural thing. They try to seek a series of sculptural flow differentiating from former generation by displaying the escape and the dissolution from the sculptural thing of contemporary artists as well as a formal material side and individual sensibility.

The Composition of Exhibition
Part 1. Magnetic Field of a Power _ Unstable
: The sculpture displaying the sculpture standing dangerously on the balance point of power using gravity, tension and so on or the power which has sustained a sculpture like gravity making us of the methods such as hanging, leaning, moving, etc. as a work making a crack on the balance of power or making a crack on them
- Artist : SeonGhi BAHK , Sun Hoan HONG, Kang-Ok JEON, Euyoung HONG, Je Hyeong RYU

Part 2. Material Imagination and Object _ Worthless
: A flattened due to decreased volume, empty, soft or light sculpture, the one using a worthless object, etc.
- Artist : Gwiwon OH, Wonjoo PARK, Si Yeon KIM, Kangwon LEE, Kunju KIM, Seung JUNG, Chosil KILL, Youngmi CHUN

Part 3. Evaporating Sculpture _ Fluid
: The Sculpture displaying material imagination using an element such as air, light, water and so on in the condition of an evaporated non-substance there is little mass and volume, the one which is temporary or the state is changeable
Evaporated contemporary sculptural state is displayed because the pieces of the atmosphere, emotion, a notion become remain.
- Artist : You Kyeong OH, Sungji YUN, Haein KANG , Jung Sun OH , Onishi Yasuaki, Chongwoon CHOI, Hyesoo PARK, Sang Yup CHA, Jiyoung CHAE

Scientific Seminar
Date & Time : Nov. 28th,2009(SAT)14:00~17:00
Place : Seminar Room, Basement 1stFl.,SeoulMuseumofArt
Theme : Post-Sculpture of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Sculpture in Trans-Genre(Hybrid Genre)
Speaker : Jin Yup KIM (Professor of Seoul National University)

Uncertainty of Object and Substance
Speaker : Sook young PARK (Professor of Ewha Womans University)

Dematerialization of Contemporary Sculpture and the Gallery
Speaker : Chung Hwan KHO (Arts Critic)

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