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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts
1 Hsueh-Yuan Road
Taipei 112, Taiwan
tel: +886 2 2896 1000 ext 2432     fax: +886 2 2893 8870
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Cities of Differences- Lin Fan Wai Solo Exhibition
Date: 20 Jun - 2 Aug 2009

Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is now announcing the latest Power Show—“Cities of Differences- Lin Fan-Wei solo exhibition”. Lin has piled up with his investigation toward the city with poetic approach in his paintings. The philosophic thinking and analyzing made his abstract paintings unique and distinctive. Under the cautious miscellany, how they could present the images of the cities that you and I live on. You are warmly welcome to discover it here.

The quality of cities
According to Ludwig Wittgenstein, the essence of world is not things but facts. Therefore, architectures with its different purposes can be understood as facts instead of things. Even monuments without functions are built for facts that have happened. Facts result in architectures with stories from which cities are formed. 

Facts trigger purposes. Purposes trigger architectures. Architectures form cities. However, giant cities bear architectures and fragments with limited history and certain weak images.

Only grids and lines are left in the discussion of cities. The inhabitants are irrelevant. To come to deeper comprehension of cities, adding inhabitants is just matters of figures. With distance, shopping bags, smells and so on, the quality of cities could be more obvious.

Lin Fan-Wei

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