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Inheritance and Refinement by Chao Shih-Chuan
Date: 28 Jun - 24 Aug 2014

Chao Shih-Chuan first studied gouache painting under Hsu Shen-Chou in 1985. With meticulous attitude and thirst for perfection, Chao refined his painting techniques and cultivated aesthetics for painting in layers, establishing a sound foundation for the delicate art of traditional gouache painting. Chao first made a name for himself in 1991 with “Butterfly Orchid”, as it was selected to the “Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition”, jumpstarting a brand new chapter in his life. 

In painting, Chao found his purpose in life. He would start painting as soon as he woke up in the morning, as if entering a state of trance. He never got tired of painting, and all he could see were the paintings waiting to be finished. He was totally absorbed in his work that he often skipped meals and neglected sleeping. Later, Chao was indirectly influenced by the styles of Chen Yong-Sen, a Taiwanese painter living in Japan, and Japanese painter Yasushi Sugiyama. The two painters displayed bold styles that featured analysis of cubism, and bright colors. Chao also sought advice from Liu Geng-Gu on color, design, and creative direction. He also tried to incorporate modern expressions of cubist divisionism and powerful colors into traditional gouache painting, hoping to inject new energy into the traditional form and create a truly original personal style.

Chao Shih-Chuan’s gouache painting style, which combines traditional and modern expressions, garnered much recognition and praise in all kinds of domestic competitions and exhibitions, as he continued to refine his skills and challenge himself. Chao was awarded Silver Medal at the 65th Tai-Yang Art Exhibition with “Reflections on the Lotus Pond”, Silver Medal at the 56th Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition with “Motherly Love”, Gold Medal at the 49th Exhibition by the Central Taiwan Fine Arts Association with “Light in the Alley”, and the Fifth Chen Chin Art and Culture Award with “White Peony”, “Evening Fragrance”, “Struggle”, and “Soul of the Painting”. Chao has accumulated a long list of honors, and never failed to qualify for the Tai-Yang Art Exhibition.

For over twenty years, Chao Shih-Chuan has shown tremendous determination in art, and also achieved great results. This exhibition will showcase more than fifty of his works that feature people, landscapes, scenery, and flowers and birds, sharing the fruits of his hard work over the years with the public.

*image (left)
Chao Shih-Chuan
Warm, 2003
Gouache, Linen paper, 145.5x112.1cm 
courtesy of the artist 

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