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Art Gwangju Executive Committee
Artspace 2F
338-7 Cheonbyunjwaro, Nam-gu
Gwangju, Korea 503-030
tel: +82 62 670 7983     fax: +82 62 671 7986
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art:gwangju is a place where the commercial and the public coexist; a place where commercial galleries occupy the same space as public art museums. Publicness and individuality mutually exist in a contradictory and dualistic manner, and this new structure can be represented in the title of our exhibition programme, 'Double Democracy.' In Double Democracy 2, the works of artists established in the art market and those from newly graduated artists come together in many different ways. For more established artists, we focused on selecting artists who have been less visible in the art market and in international exhibitions but have been working steadily over the years. For emerging artists, we focused on artworks by award-winning recent graduates of England's leading art schools who are very actively exhibiting their works. We look forward to the new energy formed in the display where the works of these artists come together.


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