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National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
313 Gwangmyeong-gil
Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Seoul, Korea 427-701
tel: +82 2 2188 6114     fax: +82 2 2188 6124
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Vulnerable Failures
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 29 Aug - 15 Sep 2013

National Art Studio in Changdong will hold the group exhibition 'Vulnerable Failures.' It consists of four foreign artists participating in the residency program. Their works focusing on performativity involve unpredictability and ambiguity from the production process itself. They define difference or error occurring in repeated performance as failure, but draw another meaning from there. The exhibition will be a chance to think about a possibility and value of new type of art in the digital era where a boundary between original and reproduction disappeared.

Paul Hage Boutros was born in Lebanon. He has developed his work with video and mixed media, and announced them at Beirut Art Center, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Split Film Festival, and so on. In this exhibition, he talks about infinite human desires through smoothly planed 1 euro and 100 won coins.

Jaro Varga is the artist and the curator from HIT Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has participated in the exhibitions at Prague Biennale, Art and Urbanism Center, Slovak National Museum, Vienna Secession, and so on. He will show drawings and video works for his memories in childhood, when Slovakia used to be Czechoslovakia.

Shengen Lim majored fine art in Singapore. Based on architecture education, he has broaden his field to visual art as working for the fashion photographer assistant. Lim focuses on recreation of a traditional technique in interdisciplinary approach based on various backgrounds, like painting, sculpture, installation, video, and photograph. On the opening day, he will show the performance, repeatedly copying by a copy machine until a black page changing into white.

Jurai Gabor was born in Slovakia. He has held solo and group exhibitions at Novohrad Museum and Gallery in Lucenec, Slovak National Museum, etc. For this exhibition, Gabor will introduce a video work.

*image (left)
Tashi, Tashi, Tashi, Tashi..., 2013
photocopy machine, A3 paper
© Shengen Lim

Courtesy of MMCA National Art Studio

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