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Artsonje Center
Artsonje Center
87 Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu
Seoul, Korea (110-200)
tel: +82 2 733 8945     fax: +82 2 733 8377
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The Artsonje center, founded in 1998, is a private art museum which supports current and experimental contemporary art. Although it is rather a young organization which just has celebrated its fifth year, its international quality exhibitions and educational programs have been receiving attention by those in the art field and the general public alike. With an open attitude and the spirit to experiment with exhibition methods, we show art from "here and now." For this, we actively search for the opportunity to collaborate with those in the fields of music, literature, architecture, dance and fashion. We also have the mandate to provide radical exhibition planning to support new projects.

As one of the ways to search out new artists, the Artsonje Center has organized parallel projects in various forms to accompany the main exhibitions. For instance, the parking lot project has utilized the underground parking space and at the cafe project mural paintings are made at the cafe located at the lobby of the Artsonje. As well, various outside projects have been organized that actively reflect on the location specificity of various areas. These projects that utilize various auxiliary facilities and the external locations add the aliveness and challenge to Artsonje Center. Furthermore, the Artsonje adds the works by the young artists who have been introduced at its exhibition into its own contemporary art collection as a way to provide stimulation and realistic support for young artists.

Also, Artsonje actively participates in international exchange activities and the introduction of Korean artists to the international art field. With the introduction of domestic artists in international galleries and international art journals, and through network activities based on mutual trust, we give our best effort to introduce domestic artists in the international art field. Through networking with major art museums and artists especially in other Asian countries, the Artsonje Center is becoming an important center for Asian cultural exchanges.

Along with the programs such as exhibitions, artist searches, and the introduction of Korean artists into the international field, Artsonje has been carrying on its educational function of an art museum as well. We provide education programs for children, youth and adults, and we also have school liason programs. With these, we provide the opportunities for the general public to approach contemporary art more easily. The programs such as the professional lecture series, international symposiums, and art film screenings have received a good reception not only by those professionals in the fields but also by the general public.

The Artsonje Center is located in Sokeuk-dong that links the Kyungbok Palace area and the Insadong area, the two main scenes for Seoul culture and art. Sokeuk-dong is a unique area located in the middle of ancient cultural museum and the contemporary art scene, and it has kept the traditional living style and the residence architecture of the old Seoul. The Artsonje Center is establishing itself as an important cultural backbone, while keeping the unique local color and breathing-in intellectual vigor and the global perspective.


Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 11am - 7pm  Closed on Mon


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