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Seoul Art Space
Cheonggyecheon-ro, Dongdaemun-gu,
130-823 Seoul, South Korea
tel: +82 02 3290 7070     
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Seoul Art Space that bring art, people, and the city together!

The project for Seoul Art Space in the city of Seoul began in 2008 as a part of the overarching policy of culturenomics. The main objective of this project is to renovate and utilize abandoned or unused buildings or spaces and to provide them as creative work places for artists, and also to provide more cultural opportunities for the people of Seoul.

Seoul Art Space bring art to people and to the city, thereby promoting open communication among different artists and different genres of art as well as with the people in the community by eliciting their participation.

General information   
There are nine Seoul Art Spaces operated by the Art Space Utilization(TFT) of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture that opened since 2009:

Seoul Art Space_Seogyo, a center for experimental arts
Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, an idea factory
Seoul Art Space_Sindang, a creative arcade
Seoul Art Space_Yeonhui, a literary nest
Seoul Art Space_Mullae, an art factory
Seoul Art Space_Seongbuk, a center for creative arts
Seoul Art Space_Gwanak, a creative playground for children
Seoul Art Space_Hongeun, a center for the environment and the arts
Seoul Art Space for Disabilities

The idea and the policy behind Seoul Art Space
1. The mission of Seoul Art Space is to provide a space where artists of different genres such as visual arts, performing arts, and literature can exchange ideas, and also where the public and artists come together.

2. Seoul Art Space aim to promote meeting and merging between art and industry. By bringing artists and people of industries together, we hope to create an environment of mutual cooperation between these two communities and to produce concrete outcomes in the form of new development of products and cultural contents.

3. Grassroots in nature and smaller in scale, Seoul Art Space has taken their roots in different places of Seoul. Unlike the previous installation of a large cultural or arts center in one area, Seoul Art Space aim to reach out to more people to make small but significant differences in their everyday lives.


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