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Daljin Museum
Jongno-youngchu mungil
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 730 6216     

The work of art materials gimdaljin museum of modern art, we leave food straight to work and provide information himsseumyeo art based on accurate data to put the flow of art making in the field of contemporary art, we record the party as the basal diet is going to get this straight.

Seoul Art Base Museum formally gimdaljin (of Article 81), as expected in the Register as a bigger challenge was the lack of space absolute. Typically, the name stuck when the museum is painted in my head ought to say, expect the exhibition space, when visitors came directly naebanghae not, the reality that leads so sorry for him. Exhibition of the car was struggling to finish preparing the museum directly across the street from the museum shows a small empty office space, along with materials used gimdaljin Art Institute moved to the end of July 2008. However, Brother house, home luminance Chungbuk Okcheon piled up in the data could possibly be imported into Korea. Preparing for Exhibition of some of the data on it's a shame I can not find a big heart.

Resources for the National Space Museum, Seoul, Sustaining the company was founded to try to knock back. So far, more than 30 years, but the focus on data collection, data have now created a database to provide comfort to users of the space and resources is more urgent.

I have registered with us to help the museum to the materials before the honorary chairman of South Korea gimjonggyu Museum Association, gave me a lead mentor, former National Museum of Modern Art permanent yigyeongseong Dear Director and we thank you once again 'I have an accurate record of the exact history of tomorrow remains' above the words, and I will seize my mind again.

Gimdaljin Museum of Art Materials Director gimdaljin

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri 2 pm - 6 pm



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