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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
Metropolitan Kiba Park
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Tokyo, 135-0022, Japan
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Wonderful World
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 12 Jul - 31 Aug 2014

Why not come and enjoy works of art while talking together with your children?

The fascination of discovering new things, of being moved to question things, the joy of sharing your discoveries with others. Our object is to imbue the fresh, young minds of children with numerous, 'exciting experiences that will move their hearts.'

'Wonderful World' is an exhibition that can be enjoyed by everyone, from infants to adults. Five contemporary artists have taken motifs that are both familiar and interesting to children--fruit, trains, mirrors, animals, building blocks, etc. and turned them into art, converting exhibition space into sensory, interactive works.

Parents with babies or small children often find it difficult to visit museums with their children and probably wonder whether their children will be able to understand art. However, this exhibition willl present works that express the visual world of children or art that can be appreciated through the experience of touching and playing with the works. By presenting works that conform to the interests and comprehension of children, we aim to make it an exhibition that even small children will be able to enjoy.

We hope that by verbalizing what they feel when they come into contact with these works within the extraordinary setting of an art museum, the children will notice sensations or feelings they generally remain unaware of. This will allow them to discover a new person within themselves and by sharing their experiences with the other children around them, they will be able to encounter each other's worlds. By changing their viewpoint, they will find that they are able to discern a fantastic new world, one that may turn out to be a 'Wonderful World'

Why not draw closer to the things that your children display an interest in, talking freely while you look at the works as if you were reading them a picture book. By looking at the works altogether instead of alone, you may be able to discover something new.This is an exhibition for people to look, talk and discover!

*image (left)
Tomoko Hashimoto,
Inspiration Has Descended, 2003
oil, chalk ground on panel, 181.8 × 227.3cm (each)
courtesy of the artist 

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