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Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)
Metropolitan Kiba Park
4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku
Tokyo, 135-0022, Japan
tel: +81 3 5245 4111     
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Fragments - Incomplete Beginnings
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 15 Feb - 11 May 2014

The ‘MOT Annual’ series of group exhibitions has been held by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, since 1999 in order to introduce new trends in contemporary art created by young Japanese artists. The ‘MOT Annual 2014’ is the 13th in this series and using the keyword ‘fragments’ it features 6 artists/groups who present new viewpoints from which to perceive reality. The word ‘fragment’ refers to minute piece or part of a whole and the artists in this exhibition all employ fragments, that have fallen away their surroundings, to create unique new worlds. Endlessly combining readymade plastic parts, carrying out minute work on playing cards or erasers, extracting images from familiar scenes and layering them over each other—these artists can be characterized by the way in which they employ a variety of different techniques, all of them consciously selecting their own particular fragments from the numerous options that exist around them, trying to redefine the world through contact with these. 

By their very nature, ‘fragments’ are fundamentally incomplete and fragile; there is something missing from them and this excites the imaginations of the viewers, however, through the addition of the artists’ touch, they also invite the viewer to travel from ‘here’ to some other place. Today, when people find themselves engulfed in a vortex of superfluous information that surpass their ability to grasp or perceive, perhaps the results of these artists’ experiments will provide clues that will permit access to the world from a new point of view. 

Artists: Shinya Aota, Akiko & Masako Takada, Paramodel, Naoyo Fukuda,
Akira Miyanaga, Kana Yoshida

*image (left)
arc (single channel version), 2011
HD video(1920*1080 pixel), 7min.30sec.
© Akira Miyanaga
Courtesy Kodama Gallery
To watch the video, please visit Miyanaga's website. 

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