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Traveling across Boundaries
by Gallery by the Harbour
Location: Gallery by the Harbour
Artist(s): Megan Aroon DUNCANSON, Steven DIX
Date: 19 Sep - 7 Oct 2009

Boundaries seem to define our world. It takes a courageous traveler to step forward and break the line that has been confining imagination; and it takes a courageous artist to break the rigid norms and show us a new way of appreciating the world. Through their paintings, they have shown us that the world, in fact, has no boundary.

State-of-the-Arts Gallery & Gallery by the Harbour is delighted to present a joint exhibition of two bold and creative contemporary artists, Megan Aroon Duncanson from Alaska and Steven Dix from Australia, in September. In this exhibition, our gallery hopes to offer a new angle to look at our seemingly contradictory world. The two artists, although born and raised in very different places and culture, have one thing in common – a passion for landscape and cityscape. Landscape and cityscape may not go together when you first hear this, however, Duncanson and Dix have demonstrated in their paintings that you can love both and the two can co-exist.

Megan Duncanson, who was born and raised in Alaska, adopts a bold style featuring some cubism and surrealism. Her confident use of bright and passionate colors conveys a sense of natural instincts, rooted in her childhood memories of living in a small fishing village. Duncanson is also able to blend in what she saw as the world evolves. In her warm-colored paintings, we can see the city living right beside of the nature, it being the sea, the trees or the burning sun. Steven Dix, who was raised in the warm sunlight of Australia, is known by the earthy color and rustic texture of his paintings. Using these natural elements as a basis, Dix portrays both city and nature in vigorous brushstrokes and hazy lines.

In the paintings of these two masters, not only is the nature alive, but cities and buildings can also be as lively and warm. State-of-the-Arts Gallery hopes you would enjoy the journey in a world that merges cityscape and landscape.


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