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As we celebrate our 15th year of promoting contemporary Chinese art, our tradition continues in building treasured collections for individuals, corporations and museums worldwide.

Since its founding in 1993, the Elizabeth Wang Gallery has established itself as the primary source for many of China's most celebrated contemporary artists, including Mu Xin, C.C. Wang, Wang Fangyu, Diana Kan, Zhiyuan Cong, Catherine Yi-Yu Cho Woo, Hu Yiping, Fanfan Li, and Chen Chi. We pride ourselves in our exclusive relationships with many of these important artists, and to working with collectors to provide access to their unique works.

Our tradition of excellence includes several unique exhibitions. One of  particular note was the retrospective exhibition of the "Aquarelles de Chen Chi" commemorating the World Cultural Summit at the Palace of Versailles, France.   This was the first exhibition of a living Chinese artist at Versailles.  The collection continues to be displayed at the Chen Chi Art Museum in Shanghai.

The Elizabeth Wang Gallery also collaborates with leading museums and institutions around the world to introduce the finest contemporary Chinese artists to their patrons. Several examples were the exhibition of the "Landscape of Memory: The Art of Mu Xin" at the Yale University Art Gallery, the David Alfred Smart Museum of Art, the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Asia Society Museum.

In 2004, the Elizabeth Wang Gallery was invited to present a special exhibition at the World Economic Forum China Business Summit in Beijing.  A highlight of this event was the Gala Dinner at the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square,  with a presentation of the 32 "Rare Birds of China" .

On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary Mayor Michael Blomberg congratulated the Elizabeth Wang Gallery for its "tremendous contribution in bringing modern Chinese art  to the City and to helping make New York City the Cultural Capital of the World". 

The Elizabeth Wang Gallery continues its commitment to provide the finest contemporary Chinese art to the global community and thereby to contribute to a world of beauty, harmony and peace in the 21st century.



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