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Scott Livesey Gallery
909A High Street
Armadale, Melbourne
Victoria, Australia 3143
tel: +61 3 9824 7770     fax: +61 3 9824 7771
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Located in the hub of Melbourne’s Art and Antique precinct, the contemporary gallery offers two light filled spaces with contemporary works from various periods. The gallery produces major catalogue exhibitions each year featuring emerging and mid career Australian artists along with high quality Indigenous artists from Papunya Tula Artists, Warlayirti Artists, and Watiyawanu Artists. The catalogues are reference publications, supplied to State Librarys throughout Australia and can be purchased online or at the gallery.

Scott Livesey established his first gallery 'Scott Livesey Art Dealer' in 1998 bringing with him fifteen years of experience in the commercial art world. Drawing on his many years of experience in local and international auction houses, Scott Livesey specializes in providing advice to private and corporate clients on all aspects of the assembly and maintenance of an art collection.

The gallery stocks a broad selection of major works by blue-chip Australian artists such as Brett Whiteley, Tim Storrier, Rupert Bunny, Arthur Boyd and John Olsen as well as decorative antique English and Continental paintings from the 18th and 19th century.

The gallery also has a stable of contemporary Australian artists holding exhibitions throughout the year of recent works, often accompanied by a catalogue publication.

This diverse range of art allows Livesey to assist in all aspects of assembling a private or corporate art collection.

For many years International Institutions and collectors have recognised the importance of Aboriginal Art.

The Australian Market is now responding to this trend with prices realised for Aboriginal Art continuing to escalate.

Scott Livesey was first exposed to Aboriginal Art whilst working at Sotheby's when he became captivated by the Papunya Tula artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. He purchased his first work by that artist and has continued dealing in high calibre Aboriginal works from artists such as George Tjungurrayi, Ray James Tjangala, George Ward Tjungurrayi, Naata Nungurrayi, Willy Tjungurrayi and Ningurra Naparrula along with works by deceased painters fundamental to the Papunya Tula movement.

Scott Livesey stocks a fine selection of works by the painters from the Balgo Community, Warlayirti Artists, in the region of Western Australia and many of his catalogue shows feature paintings by Kathleen Paddoon, Helicopter Tjungurrayi, Patrick Olodoodi Tjungurrayi, John Lee Tjakamarra and Elizabeth Nyumi Nungurrayi.

The gallery has an annual Aboriginal Catalogue Exhibition held in June/July, consisting of works by artists from the various artist’s co-operatives across Indigenous Australia.

Works range from traditional dotting in ochre to the more contemporary acrylic paintings.

The paintings collected come from both the male and female painters and represent the diverse styles and techniques of the artists.


Gallery Hours: Monday- Closed. Tuesday- Friday 10.00am- 5.30pm. Saturday- 11am - 4.00pm. Sunday - closed. Or by appointment



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