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bCA Galleries since its inception in 2005 has been involved in the process of promoting young and talented Indian artists both nationally and internationally. At the same time, we have been in the process of introducing the works of foreign artists in India.

We believe that art speaks a global language and hence need not be limited to the confines of geographical boundaries. In pursuit of its mission, bCA Galleries has been regularly organizing exhibitions of Indian artists in Europe as well as hosting exhibitions of foreign artists in India.

The works of both Indian and international artists are displayed and sold from our website – www.bcagalleries.com as well. We provide a complete detailed profile of the artist which aids in the decision making process of buyers who seek art for investment purposes.

Art lovers are spread across the globe and the desire to possess an exquisite work should not be restricted due to geographical impediments. Our website offers numerous services and we simultaneously conduct online exhibitions along with the ones in the galleries. Our artists sign an authentication certificate for each piece of art purchased from bCA Galleries, guaranteeing that our buyers have the satisfaction of being in possession of the original.

Though bCA Galleries has its focus on the promotions of new talent, it also recognizes that Indian art has a rich and varied cultural heritage that needs to be showcased to the world. Towards this end, we have also been promoting the traditional Indian art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Tanjore and Miniature paintings which are being well received abroad.

We also seek to decimate any preconceived notions about Indian art in the global market. We provide information on the various events and incisive articles on what is the essence of art and especially contemporary Indian art, through our various publications like art reviews, quarterly magazines, and interviews of Artist in Focus

In the near future, bCA Galleries plans to widen our field of focus of promoting Indian artists to East Asia and the USA. In India we will continue featuring the works of contemporary promising international talents. We seek to establish an ongoing relationship with the artists we promote and build a tradition of quality and trust around the globe.

In order to facilitate the achievement of our mission, we seek to establish partnerships with galleries internationally that are interested in showcasing international art. We have been fortunate that like-minded galleries are our associates in making art from different countries more accessible globally.

Besides, we are also open to co-operating with institutions like museums in organizing exhibitions of different genres of art. We believe art needs to be shared with the world and the more people that view and appreciate it, the more the creative satisfaction for the artist.

bCA Galleries is ideally located in Mumbai, the heart of Indian contemporary art, and has a vast network of contacts in the contemporary art world in India. Also it offers its experience and local support in organizing international exhibitions both in India and overseas, managing, among others the promotion to the press, matters related to the import/export of artworks to and from India and any logistic related activity in India.

bCA Galleries is a private limited company registered in Mumbai, India. The central office is based in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. It has a subsidiary office in Frankfurt, Germany.



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