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The glasses and steel barrel vault of this art and cultural centre is easily distinguished. This unique building houses a variety of outlets, including furniture and antiques, artists' studios, photographic studios, media and advertising companies, hotel supplies, restaurant accessories and a coffee shop. Exhibitions are held on a regular basis in several art galleries within the centre.

However, the main attraction must be the Courtyard itself. The main cobbled area, accessed by a wrought Iron Gate, is completely surrounded by outlets, each with a different façade combining a variety of building styles from around the world. Examples include the interpretation of an Islamic entranceway, a Moorish and Spanish inspired façade, the use of a traditional UAE fort, a Greco-Roman entrance, access to an Egyptian tomb, a crumbled stone house, façade of a traditional wind-tower house in Dubai, and a façade in shape of warship out of a Hollywood movie, made from various parts of ship wrecks, etc.

All provide great photo opportunities and make the trek from the centre of town well worthwhile.

The area is the brainchild of Dariush Zandi architect, photographer, writer and designer who has his own gallery, called Total Arts, and a photographic studio known as Total Design at the Courtyard.

Total Arts is one of the galleries operating from Courtyard, which is situated alongside Sheikh Zayed Road and has been in operation since 1996.

Total Arts exhibits works of art from variety of cultures and continents. However, being located in Dubai, it specialises in artists and art influenced by the culture of the Middle. East. The gallery occupies two floors of the Courtyard with more than 10,000 square feet of space devoted to a variety of art types, sizes and styles. The ground floor is devoted to rotating exhibitions while the mezzanine level is reserved for works on permanent show. Various rooms are allocated for different art styles (Miniature painting, natures painting, tribal art of waving etc). Total Arts has more than 300 paintings on permanent display and has regular exhibitions of traditional handicrafts and antique furniture.


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