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Artsrepublik devotes 100% of its profits to the support, finance and promotion of Education and Arts of children in China. We are absolutely committed to make use of our funds and assets not as an objective but as means to assist young lives.

Our aim is the emancipation of these children to a standard where they will free themselves from the condemnation of misery and ignorance imposed by centuries of exploitation, often in subhuman conditions.

We will assist, inform and educate children whenever it is possible so they can claim the reign of their own destinies, to seek knowledge not as way to conquer other people but to triumph over themselves and become free individuals. Our funds are spent in the following ways: 80% on educational projects and 20% to cultural and artistic activities. In some extreme cases, we will also assist on medical needs.

We do not rely on donations, as we believe this to be another concept that perpetuates the endemic poverty across nations. We want to work side by side as equals, as citizens of the world, trying to offer some sort of assistance. More importantly, we want to empower these children, to give them the self-confidence to face the extreme challenges that they face in a country like China. We want to work with the locals, and at the same time to learn and share with them their valuable experiences and together seek a better future for all of these amazing young lives.

"For my part, I have always felt and will feel the need to love some fellow creature; preferably, I don't know why, an unhappy, forsaken or lonely creature. I think it is so natural, and right that I cannot understand people being so indifferent to each other."



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