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About 5 years ago Robert van Geyn met renowned Dutch artist Jan Montyn and a friendship started to grow. Numerous conversations about life experiences developed into plans like a Jan Montyn website, an art gallery, a book titled "The River of Life"and even an international business consulting group of companies, the Align Group. Each of the initiatives relate to the essences of life, and supplement each other.

La Jivite Art Gallery is one of the ideas that has become reality. The name "La Jivite" is a composition of the French word "La Vie" (life) and the English transliteration of the Thai word for life, "chiwit". The French element shows the historical central role of France in art. Yet, nowadays —as the world has become a global village—Middle-Eastern and Asian art and culture start playing an equally important role. La Jivite is based in Bangkok, Thailand, but is internationally oriented.

Art expresses often the deepest and purest feelings and thoughts of the artist and therefore, human nature. It is La Jivite Art Gallery's goal to bring together the public's, business' and artist's reflections on the essence of life.

Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 11.00h to 17.00h


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