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Thailand is the penultimate location for emerging new artists.

Thailand is a veritable "melting pot" where all nationalities and cultures live harmoniously together. In fact, Thailand is such a unique location of blended cultures that it has allowed us the opportunity to launch the promotion of some of the hottest and most exclusive contemporary artists in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok is the ideal location for contemporary art throughout Asia as it has very strong connections with Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. More and more people from Singapore and Honk King enjoy spending the weekend, or even a few days, during the course of their holidays in the City of Angels.

The number of 5 star resorts and spas in Thailand is thriving and the occupancy rate is always exceptionally high. The Art Market in Bangkok is typically focused on Asian contemporary artists. Our focus is on Western artists, and we strive to offer something new, unique and distinctive.

The offspring of "high-so" families has given rise to a new young Thai generation whose parents have been educated abroad. This new Thai generation is "Western educated," but still maintains a strong cultural commitment to their own country.

We consider Thailand to be the premier location for the Art Market in the near future. We hope to target expats, as well as the wealthy High-society Thai people. Our audience will be people who want to see something new and innovative. Those people who perhaps already have some education with art and other chic trends.

Moreover, Bangkok has given birth to a new wave of successful business women and men. Their families have become rich because of the increasing property prices. The next logical step for them is to invest in works of art. Why? Because, the ultimate sign of wealth is buying something that you really don t need. A luxury item is something just to be proud of and to show to your family, friends or business acquaintances.

Works of art tend to be symbols of success as Thailand is becoming more dependent upon the increasing number of wealthy people. Consider for example, Siam Paragorn, a luxurious department store in the heart of Bangkok. Paragorn is full of up-scale shops catering to an upper-crust clientele, which just goes to show you that Bangkok has the distinctive opportunity in the fine art market.

When you are successful in your business or private life, you are able to indulge in extravagant items. Conceivably the finest and most fashionable, yet frivolous luxury item is purchasing contemporary pieces of art work. Thai people are seeking modern items with an esthetical flair.

More and more people are becoming receptive to European and US art due to the development and extension of their trips abroad to attend university, take a sabbatical or even for business trips to such places as France and London.

The world as we know it is becoming smaller and smaller as more people are traveling all over our planet. The same stands true for Bangkok. The elitist who travel to Europe have an appreciation for new lifestyles and cultures. Those are the people that we believe will be interested in our Artists.

Everything points to a strong tendency amongst the rich to indulge in modern and luxuriously appealing brand name and art, obviously, all of which are a part of this new wave.

Make your art dream come true!

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