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Michael Goedhuis opened Goedhuis Contemporary in London in 1995 and inaugurated the New York space in January 2002, after spending two decades specializing in early Asian art. His principal activity today is the promotion of the best Chinese contemporary art and artists throughout the world. He believes that China is currently undergoing a true "cultural revolution" which is not confined to art but is manifest in film, music, theatre, design, dance and literature.

Goedhuis Contemporary's artists come from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Paris, Hawaii, New York and London. The only criterion for inclusion in the gallery's exhibition network is the quality of work and its capacity to be relevant to and significant for the modern world. The policy of the gallery is to give intensive exposure to its artists in one-person exhibitions in London and New York and also through its network of art fairs in America, Europe and Asia.

Goedhuis Contemporary strongly believes that contemporary Chinese art is still at an early stage of recognition both in Asia and the West. It therefore offers exceptionally productive opportunities for collectors and museums in terms of price levels as well as access to one of the most creative areas of the current art world. In particular, Chinese artists have gained self-confidence in the last few years and are now less interested in emulating Western styles than in creating a new language, which takes account of China's rich cultural past, while at the same time expressing their unique experience of the world.
Goedhuis Contemporary's current program concentrates on directing attention to the foremost Modernist Ink Painters working throughout the world today. While there is growing awareness in China of the relevance of this work to contemporary culture and the more astute institutions in the West like the Smithsonian, the Sackler at Harvard and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston have identified this field as fruitful, the market in general has focused on the more ostentatious styles that have attracted Western collectors.
We are dedicated to presenting a series of exhibitions over the next 18 months that highlights the importance of the artists as well as illustrates how bold and innovative is their contribution to the development of cultural life in China.


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