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GSR Gallery was founded in Taichung, Taiwan, in November 2003. Ever since its establishment, there have been several local branches opening in China-Beijing, Shanghai, and France-Alsace. Every artist introduced by the gallery is very exceptional, as there are around 5 to 7 exhibitions annually including sculptures and other creative artworks. As people are living in the modern era with material abundance, let's not forget to fulfill ourselves with aesthetics.

Therefore, we believe that popularizing the aesthetic lifestyle to the commons is very important, and the democratization of art is what our society really needs today. In fact, we have to acknowledge the fact that the role artistic productions play in our life represent not only long-term investments for maintaining values, but also leverages for our quality of life. For us,“LIVING WITH ARTS IS AN ART OF LIFE”is not just a slogan, but a true ideal. Therefore, GSR Gallery will try to provide a space for the artists to share their creativities and ideas with everyone, who can actually collect their favorable pieces with reasonable prices.

By doing so, the population of aesthetic collectors will expand more, without being limited to the ones living on the top of the social pyramid. At the same time, GSR gallery will become a common area for everyone who is interested in creating, appreciating, or exchanging everything regarding to art. As a dreamland of art, GSR gallery will be opened to every kind of art styles and fashions, by embracing the diversity nature of art. We hope that this ideal seed of art will keep growing and spreading in our society – starting from here, GSR Gallery.

Currently GSR Gallery acts as an agent for several artists: Ke Shi-Zhong, You Shou-Zhong, Pang Yong-Jie, Yin Kun, Zhao Bao-Kang, and Uwe Mertsch. This list will keep expanding, in the future there might be more artists from the Great China Area, and even all over the world. We sincerely hope that this dream will come true, and please be generous to comment on any aspects you have or have not learned from this introduction of GSR Gallery. "


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