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Since established in 1982, Modern Art Gallery has been dedicated to promoting exquisite artworks of both Chinese and international artists for twenty-four years, and  is considered as one of the best and most significant galleries in Taiwan and Asia. As the president of the Gallery, Mr. Shih Li-Jen is also a distinguished curator and manager of numerous splendid exhibitions, and he was rewarded the “Seventh Arts and Business Award” in Taiwan, 2004, for appreciating Mr. Shih’s great contributions on arts and culture.

Modern Art Gallery aims at encouraging outstanding artists and high-quality artworks all over the world, and the Gallery is not only the first one that introduced the leading exponent of New Realism, Arman, to Asia but also serves as the only Asian agency for the three most prestigious French sculptors, Arman, César, and Hiquily. In addition, the Gallery has long acted as the agency for other international well-known artists such as Renoir, Dali, Buffet, R.Guino, Yuri Kuper, Charles Matton, Piattella, Catherine Lopès-Curval, Chu Teh Chun, Zao Wou-Ki, Sanyu, Yang Ying Feng, Liu Kuo Sung and Yang Din, …, etc. It is this persistence and enthusiasm that makes Modern Art Gallery the pioneer of the Taiwanese contemporary art.

The exhibitions “Eternal Classics”, “European Masters”, “Impression. France”, “An Exclamation of 21st Century”, “the Dialogue Between West and East”, “Chu Teh Chun Asian Tour” held in the art museums throughout Taiwan, Shanghai, Guang Zhou, Shenzhen, and Macao were all curated by Modern Art Gallery. The Gallery has also actively participated in a number of international art activities, including Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Hang Zhou Art Fairs, and has met with unanimous applause. For instance, Modern Art Gallery had been chosen as the main theme of the Shanghai Art Fair for three times ever since its first debut in 2001. In the exhibition, “Impression France” held by the Gallery in Shanghai, 2003, the former French Culture and Arts Minister, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, called Mr. Shih, the “cultural ambassador” for his efforts on interchanging French and Chinese art.

In the meantime, the Gallery is extremely successful in public Scenic art and design. During recent years several of Arman’s epic creations like “Cavalleria Eroica” were settled in such places as the Taipei Concert Hall, Shanghai Theater, Shanghai Concert Hall, and Assembly Hall etc. Although Modern Art Gallery has gained fairly good reputation and achievements, it has yet stopped making progression. In the future, Modern Art Gallery will continue to present more talented International and Chinese artists, and persist on seeking for the truth, righteousness, and beauty within the world of art.



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