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Today, modern society and prosperity of its culture is reflected in intellect, consciousness and creativity of mankind. Regardless of how much our civilization has developed or destructed itself. the art maintains its role in nourishing and raising the spirit of society.

The idea of opening Numthong gallery during present instability of the economy and Babt value could be regarded as quite controversial. Art, as the mirror of our society, environment and culture, should continue its important role independent from any political or economic situation,

The purpose of Numthong Gallery is to promote and encourage creative individuality of contemporary artists. The gallery will also serve as mediator for those interested in art to exchange their opinions, ideas and experiences on regular basis. The gallery will provide information regarding contemporary art news in Thailand, exhibition calendars, publish interview articles and essays about artist's ideas and outlooks and in general. create an awareness of contemporary art is a part of our existence. 



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