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NN Gallery is a private commercial gallery which is now in its 12th year of operation. We represent many senior, established and young contemporary Malaysian artists. In the last decade, we have organised numerous solo and group art exhibitions - be it paintings, sculpture shows, installation art, textiles or mixed media. NN Gallery is not confined to promoting Malaysian artists alone. It has in the past exhibited works by artists from other countries. NN Gallery also organises talks, book launches, charity musical concerts and other events at its venue. 

In terms of space and built up area, we are probably considered one of the largest private galleries in Kuala Lumpur. Our viewing and gallery area is spread over two floors, with high ceilings to give a heightened sensation of space and volume. A zen like water feature greets visitors as they enter our gallery space.

The gallery, since its incorporation, has expanded the number of artists it represents. Works by various artists differ in medium, style and subject matter. From watercolours, oils, mixed media, printmaking & etching, photography to textile, ceramic, sculptures and installation art - these respective mediums can all be found at NN Gallery. We remain committed in our objective of providing a platform for young and established artists to showcase their artworks and in doing so, continue our course of educating and furthering art appreciation amongst Malaysians. 

Malaysia celebrated its 50th Year of Independence in August 2007. The country has experienced physical modernisation reflected in the burgeoning numbers of sky scrapers and improved infrastructure,which creates social and economic growth. This progress also brings with it intellectual advancement and changes in philosophy, thoughts and ideas. It is interesting to see these thoughts formalised and increasingly reflected in Malaysian art. Malaysian art has moved away from its earlier traditional subject matters to a more modern and expressive being; sometimes creating an interesting fusion between the two. This has resulted and contributed towards an exciting pool of Malaysian artists. Visit us and see for yourselves! 



Gallery hours:
9 am - 6 m Mon - Sat  Closed on Sun & Public Holiday


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