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Clark House Initiative
Ground Floor, Clark House 8 Nathalal Parekh Marg (Old Wodehouse Road) opposite Sahakari Bhandar,
Regal Cinema near Woodside Inn,
Bombay 400039   map * 
tel: +91 98 2021 3816     
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Clark House Initiative, Bombay is a curatorial practice about a place, which in sharing a junction with two museums and a cinema, mirrors the fictions of what these spaces could be. Clark House is also an old antique storage, and shipping office of the Thakur Shipping Company that had links to countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Japan. Curatorial interventions hope to continue, differently, this history of internationalism, experiment and research. It was established in 2010 as a curatorial collaborative concerned with ideas of freedom.

Sumesh Sharma is a curator of the Clark House Initiative in Bombay. His practice is informed by cultural perspectives of political and economic history. Histories of communities in India, language religion and politics in Francophone Africa, and immigrant identities in Europe, form part of his research. He was part of the second edition of the Gwangju Biennale International Curators Programme 2010 in South Korea. In 2011 he curated the 5th Ayodhya Film Festival, Simon Liddiment, Published in Dissent Pune, and co-curated the Studio of AA Raiba and Padmini Chettur - Untitled Exhibition # 1.

Zasha Colah is a curator interested in cultural sovereignty and projects that encourage collaborative art practice. She co-founded blackrice in 2008 in Nagaland, and the Clark House Initiative in Bombay in 2010, after studying art history at Oxford university and curatorial studies at the RCA, London. She was the curator of modern Indian art at the Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation at the CSMVS museum (2008 to 2011), and was head of Public Programs at the National Gallery of Modern Art (2004-2005) in Mumbai. Her most recent curated project was 'Against AFSPA' at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai.


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