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Soho Galleries Sydney
Cnr Crown & Cathedral Street
Sydney NSW 2000
tel: +61 2 9326 9066     fax: +61 2 9358 2939
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Innovation, location and promotion 

SOHO galleries is a exciting commercial gallery, established in Sydney in March 1995, to provide young to mid-career artists with the space and exposure to place artworks in today's contemporary corporate and domestic environments.

Opened by the director, Nigel Messenger, with experience exceeding 20 years in the art industry, we believe we have the creative and administrative recipe to offer new works on a regular basis from the wealth of Australia's new and emerging artists.

SOHO galleries wish to encourage all aspects of creativity in the art world through promotion, exhibition, and placement. Opportunities abound in what is now an ever-shrinking planet, through improved transport services, tourism, and more particularly communication mediums involving visual imagery transfers; the planet is now our market place.

The creativity and determination of the new wave of artists, wishing to be exposed and accepted by the world market motivates us.

To this end SOHO galleries will continually present exciting, dramatic and provocative works of art in Sydney and to the worldwide art market.



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