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Vitamin Creative Space
Room 301, 2 9Hao, Heng Yi Jie
Chi Gang Xi Lu, Guangzhou
510300 China
tel: +86 20 8429 6760     fax: +86 20 8429 5609
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Vitamin at Loop 2014
by Vitamin Creative Space
Location: Carrer de Pelai, 28, Barcelona
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 5 Jun - 7 Jun 2014

We started the work in Guangzhou but we continued in Paris. I think that After Reality actually started from a feeling. A feeling for the suburbs of Guangzhou, or let's say for areas in between cities, where people plant trees and vegetables, for abandoned places. The luxuriant subtropical vegetation, intertwined with paths and viaducts, left out some zones where nobody lives. Even if they grow between cities, these plants are wild as there is no-one who takes care of them. They are just growing wildly under the bridge in a crazy way. 

We didn't expect to discover such a place at the beginning. Then we found some Dragon Boat rowers who came here everyday for training. Throughout the vegetation, a brook would lead the rower to a broader water of Zhujiang River. It felt strange to me. In such a rough place, about twenty or thirty people with one or two boats, would come here to practice the rowing everyday. The coming and going left with me a sense of "after reality", this is where After Reality started from.
- Zhou Tao

*image (left)
© Zhou Tao 
courtesy of Vitamin Creative Space

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