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The story of Art Vietnam Gallery and its Director, Suzanne Lecht, is as dramatic and transformative as the recent history of Vietnam itself.

When Art Vietnam opened its first gallery in a traditional Vietnamese "tube house" in Hanoi's ancient quarter of "36 Streets," it blended the old with the new and quickly established an international reputation as the authoritative source for contemporary art in Vietnam. With a track record of identifying and developing exceptional new talent, Art Vietnam became a destination for art tours of the world's leading cultural institutions, private collectors and diplomatic visits.

Having outgrown the original gallery, Art Vietnam recently moved from its "tube house" on Hang Than to just around the corner at 7 Nguyen Khac Nhu. Visitors to the new space will find that the evolution of Art Vietnam's style mirrors the breathtaking pace of change of Vietnam itself-- a country steeped in tradition which stands poised on the leading edge of the international art world. Now housed in a large contemporary space, Art Vietnam Gallery has three floors of video, photography, painting and sculpture, a piano bar and a large outdoor terrace. With international tours and invitations, Art Vietnam Gallery is recognized both in Vietnam and abroad as an avant-garde voice of Vietnam today.



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