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The head office of Oriental VisArt is based in Geneva. We execute advertising and promotion in collaboration with major European magazines, journals, corporations and communities through unique marketing strategies. We also work on content planning and engineer the flow of digital and print communication processes, as well as organise exhibitions for our members in cooperation with our global partners.

The show room Oriental VisArt in Geneva exhibits highest standard of Asian Art while actively disseminating new trends and Asian aesthetic values in Europe.

Oriental VisArt also has an office in Seoul, Korea. This office searches for information about new, emerging and talented Asian Artists through various channels and conducts localised business for the head office in Geneva.

The groups administrative offices in Beijing, Tokyo and Mumbai gather updated information on new Art trends in each city and communicate with the local Artists concerning cultural aspects of new projects.

For our proactive global outreach, we also have research and communication assistance in Beijing, Tokyo and Mumbai, for our preferred clients.


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