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Interior and exterior space as dialectic concepts, which simultaneously complement and exclude one another, are ideas that inevitably incorporate the question of borders. However, the notion of „otherness“ in art is a far more multifaceted one. In this case, we understand cultural development not as a phenomenon within national borders, but rather in an open context where hybrid forms and variable points of view surface.
With the increasing speed of cultural and artistic development, the discussion of art in regards to geographic and national situations is no longer up to date. This is because contemporary art does not require culturally nor nationally predefined categories in its production or reception.
In practice, our gallery wishes to present artists less on the basis of nationality and geographic criteria. Our main focus is directed toward contemporary artistic positions, which examine the current shifts in global power and encourage the dissolution of borders through a dialogue on convergences and intermediate forms.
In their work, the artists represented by our gallery make this intercultural bridging possible, and we wish to contribute to this discourse.

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