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"It took some time for Catherine Schubert to reach her decision! But her new gallery, conveniently located in a quiet residential neighbourhood just a stone’s throw from downtown Bangkok, is the culmination of her life’s journey criss-crossing continents and cultures.
Born in France to a Franco-American couple and educated in France, the United States, and Asia, Ms. Schubert spent most of her career working in the Paris art world. Her studies in both business and graphics art opened the doors to work in the media and public relations, as well as many opportunities to elaborate graphic arts installations at such prestigious institutions as the Louvre and Galliera museums in Paris.

Ms. Schubert has spent the past 10 years living and working in China, and has developed a vast network of contacts in the contemporary art scene. She is a friend to many well-known Chinese artists and a frequent visitor to their studios. She has single-handedly contributed significantly to promoting their work and ensuring their success abroad. Here in Bangkok, Ms. Schubert will have a venue to showcase the works of some of China’s finest artists whose work remains, by some miracle, affordable to serious collectors. She has long been receptive to young talent everywhere she has lived, and she rightly believes that many are still to be discovered. Thus, the Bangkok gallery also will be a place for Western artists to display their work.

Let us bet that her aesthetic roving will subsequently bring us the discovery of new and exciting artistic territories."

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 2pm - 6pm or by appointment


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